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And nobody seems to have bothered to ask the three, who were tossed out of Fenway. Nestor Ramos, at the Boston Globe , isn’t confused: First, you may have noticed that the modern racist rarely refers to himself as such these days — and certainly not in giant letters on the perfectly good bedsheet he bought for the spare pillowcases to use as hoods. Even the hopelessly unsophisticated racist in your life likely fancies himself proudly politically incorrect or a teller of hard truths. No, a proper racist’s sign is not subtle, and the kind of racist who might wield such a sign is not known for wry observations. A racist’s sign will say something like “HANG IN THERE OBAMA” next to a picture of a gallows. Often, it will contain at least one brutal misspelling (“OBAMA HALF-BREEd MUSLiN” is a personal favorite, as if someone had set out to make cheesecloth and instead crafted a two-term president). And for the truly lazy racist in your life, an unsteady swastika spray painted on a bathroom wall will do just fine. And the more burnished bigots? They now trade only in euphemism.

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ACS Night 3: David Lowery's heartfelt monsters | Rock Candy

LOWERY: On the set of "Pete Daniel Hart — who writes the music for all Lowery's work — does an incredible score in each film. In "Pete's Dragon" he creates something that is, both Lowery and Nichols said during the Q&A, obviously a Disney film score without overdoing the crescendos of sentimentality. In "A Ghost Story," Lowery said that Hart's work was "one-third" of ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน 5 ฟุต the film's success. Music does much of the work that dialogue does not. Will Oldham, another musician, has a wonderful cameo in "A Ghost Story." Just as the slow and meandering nature of the ghost moving through time gets to a potentially too boring or too brooding point, Oldham comes in as a drunken guy ruining a party. He gives a monologue on life and death. This is presented as both something we can agree with and find ridiculous. Oldham's prognostication on how we all die and none of this matters is interspersed with cuts of ghosts watching him, implying that, to at least a certain extent, there is something supernatural beyond our reach and it does matter. (Kesha is dancing around at the party, too, by the way.) Another thing to watch for, which is getting much discussion: There's a four and a half minute shot of Rooney Mara eating pie. It's worth it. Watching the films back to back, you can see how Lowery works in widely varied formats. No one would say that "A Ghost Story" and "Pete's Dragon" are very similar, but ...

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