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"There's definitely a new interest, and it's keeping me very busy.'' Renewed interest began around 10 years ago when small pockets of typewriter enthusiasts came together online, said Richard Polt, a Xavier University philosophy professor and author of "The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist's Companion for the 21st Century.'' Since then, the fan base has grown dramatically, and various public events have been organised around the typewriter. "It's beyond the phase where this is just a fad,'' Polt said. It's almost impossible to gauge recent typewriter sales. Almost all of the original manufacturers are out of business or have been bought out and become different companies.  But operators of thrift stores and estate sales say typewriters are some of the quickest items to go. "That's part of the fun: the hunt,'' said Joe Van Cleave, who owns more than a dozen typewriters and runs a popular YouTube channel on restoring the machines. "Sometimes, like a little luck, you might find something from the 1920s in great condition.'' Doug Nichol, director of the upcoming documentary California Typewriter, said the interest stems from "digital burnout'' and people wanting a connection to the past. That interest seems to transcend age, he said. "Kids who grew up knowing only mobile phones and the computer are excited to see a letter typed with your own hand,'' Nichol said. "It's a one-on-one interaction that doesn't get interrupted by Twitter alerts.'' In his film, set for release in August, Nichol interviews Tom Hanks, who said he uses a typewriter almost every day to send memos and letters. "I hate getting email thank-yous from folks,'' Hanks says in the film. "Now, if they take 70 seconds to type me out something on a piece of paper and send to me, well, I'll keep that forever.

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