Notes On Key Elements In Shopping Sites

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Just last week, Google unveiled new ways that machine learning can help people identify flowers or pull up restaurant reviews just by pointing a camera. Now, Google is showing how it plans to use machine learning to make more money. Google already knows what you like based on the searches you make and the videos you watch. Online ads are then targeted to those interests. From there, Google can tell when you click on an ad and if you make an online purchase based on that. The new program takes that tracking into physical stores. Google says its computers can collect identifying data triggered by online clicks and match it with other identifying information compiled by merchants and the issuers of credit and debit cards to figure out when a digital ad contributes to an offline purchase. Google's tool won't work for cash payments or the 30 percent of U.S. card transactions that Google can't currently access. Shoppers remain anonymous, meaning they aren't identified by their names, according to Google.

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